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Newly Updated Pro Version for 2010!

Touch-typing is a mandatory skill in the 'Internet Age'. We need to do more than just sit people down in front of a computer and say 'Go'! Here's how...

TypingMaster will teach you the keyboarding skills to give you a competitive edge now and into the future.

Imagine the productivity boost when you complete tasks in less than half the time you used to!

We've estimated that more than 95% of people using computers today type at less than 60 words per minute. They're wasting their lives, and not getting the full benefits that computers can deliver! This is one time you want to make sure you're not one of the majority, and... TypingMaster is guaranteed to help you do just that.

TypingMaster Pro gets the thumbs up. It has a smorgasbord of activities, enormous flexibility and plenty of feedback. The Pro Trainer links the exercises with your everyday activity to ensure the course works well for you!
Rose Vines, Sydney Morning Herald, "All keyed up" - Annual review of Typing Tutor Software

The TypingMaster family of touch typing products can take your keyboarding skills and personal productivity to a much higher level...

"We tried a lot of other typing tutors before TypingMaster and nothing compares!" - Andrew Dudley, Zealous Concepts, Melbourne, Australia.

> Learn Touch-Typing
TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor

Learn and practice the professional ten-finger touch typing technique with this effective self-paced typing tutor.

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> Schools & Companies
TypingMaster Pro for Schools & Companies

Help your staff and students reach the full benefit of the computer revolution with advanced features and network support.

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> Test Your Current Skills
Free On-line Typing Test

Check out your typing skills with this free on-line evaluation, and receive a confidential test report by email.

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