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$5 Off any Order - This Month ONLY!


New Pro Version for 2010, now available.

This month we're offering all customers the chance to save an additional $5 off any product purchase - but only if the order is paid for with a Postal Money Order...

"I must offer my praises to you on the exceptional standard of software that I have just received from you & your high standard of customer service that you offer. I am most impressed!

Mrs Elizabeth Risteski, Australia -

Paying with a Money Order saves us time and $'s in not having to pay credit card merchant fees, bank cheque fees - and cheque clearing delays. We're already at the Post Office when we receive the mail, so it is no extra trouble to collect the money orders there and then. Basically, it makes our life easier - so in return we'd like to say thank you by offering you a discount to try an encourage you to use Money Orders this month. After all... we shouldn't be the only ones to make a saving!

How to Claim the Discount:
To order and claim this discount, please download and print out an order form for Australian Customers, or Customers outside Australia and send it in with your order. If you like, you can phone or email ahead as well so that we have your order ready to send back to you the very same day your Money Order arrives.

Please Quote Discount Code "MO$OFF3"

Please make Money Orders payable to:
Aquarian Technologies
PO Box 820
Castlemaine, VIC, 3450

If the trial works well, we may consider making a a standard offer. If you have any feedback on this special offer please feel free to contact us:

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